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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dear Art lovers, friends, students, parent, fellow artits, collecters,

This year has been truly amazing with the birth of Princess Pakma and friends art series. My experience at kl city gallery in march 2014 was a great start for my Solo Show.....I wish ro extend my gratitude to all whom have made rhe official ceremony on 5th march 2014 a memorable one. With the presence of my mum and dad I am blessed.

The response from public, tourists and Malaysians were overwhelming, new colleters of Abby Zains artworks are most welcomed.

Media from thailand ,national geogeaohic, bernama are some of whom have came to visit the exhibition.

I am glad that,  comments I received were uplifting,  some said I am rhe next Gaugin ...

I am ever ready for my next solo show in University of Education Sultan Idria Shah,  in Tanjung Malim Perak , 14.4. Till 27.4.2014.

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