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Friday, August 13, 2010

femme city ART AND CRAFT GUILD society

STONE ART AT FEMME CITY painting on stone ..met many artist....why all these people can paint...they've got talent!!!
TQ for your passion ....TQ ....
jane , zaiton and siti

Masif live painting and SEPT 2010 15-19th at PAVILLION KL

masif - painting on stage ...? my dream came true was fun indeed...with my three frens felicia, g and ellie ! u guys are great
and for Dato Mukris ...i guess it was his first time watching 4 ladies painting ...
thank you Mr Bon Zainal for the lovely pose!
hope for more MASIF in the future !!!
C U AT PAVILLION on 15,16,17,18 and 19 sept 2010 !!!

MMU live painting at Cyberjaya

it was a hot experience after all....can u imagine painting under the hot sun for 3 days...anyway TQ dj ..the music was refreshing
my expression of harmony , love , uniting the nature - GO GREEN !

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Art for SPM

Get A for Art in your SPM (learn in 12 lessons)
Learn techniques and mixing colours,perspective etc
Fee : RM 90 /= Reg: RM50
Venue: Rumah seni dan Kraf Gemilang, Oakleaf Club Berhad, Bkt Antarabangsa.
Call: 012 3520292


Acryllic on Canvas , Zoo Animals Design, Size: 9" X 5 ", Price RM 80.00 (inclusive postage)
Bank in to Maybank 114254148944


Flower Pot, Size: 8" X 5", KL City Design Handrawn,RM50.00(inclusive postage)
Bank in to Maybank 114254148944


Fridge Magnet -Cat design- RM35.00 (including post),Bank in to Maybank 114254148944


Wooden Box ,8in X 4.5",Price RM 40.00 (including Post) Bank in to Maybank 114254148944


March - Opening of RSKG at Oakleaf Club Berhad -Auction to donate SPCA

April -Mural at RTK Rumah Titian KASIH Titiwangsa

June-Reproduction Work at a Hotel Ampang.

School Holidays Art - Animal in Me 4 days at RSKG

July-Private Teaching- Sketching still Life , an A Level Student at Aman Suria .

July-Cat Fest at Art Malaysia Jalan Ulu Pudu KL- July

July-Killeny Coffee at Shah Alam , art exhibition four lady artists.

July -20th , Femme City , KL Convention Centre - Abby to demo stone painting .


June 2010 , I was very excited abt the Cat Fest..well because i love cats. And I was doing 7 psc of cats and cats on charcoal . During the opening I did a demonstration cat on charcoal. It was funr!

Events at RSKG

A friend from Mauritius Island, Angel Angoh came to visit me. She was here for her own exhibition at Art Malaysia. We plan to do a collaboration Malaysia Mauritius art project for the underpriviliged children under animal theme. We are at planning stage and looking for sponsors to enable us move the project.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mural at a children's room

thomas and fren's , mural done by me which took 2 weeks to finish, the length of the wall is 13 ft and 9 ft tall. Used a ladder and to climb up to paint . Media used are wall paint, pelaka, acryllic , marker pen was fun and i really enjoyed it ...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


2009 Press interview

Painting from their hearts
Friday November 27, 2009Painting from their heartsStory and photos by CHRISTINA LOW

THREE friends with no formal education and knowledge in arts came together in an exhibition to share their love for the strokes and colours.

“None of us here went to an art school, we all had different jobs and we graduated in other fields that are not related to art,” said computer science graduate Bennylita Nasution Ramlee at the launch of their first naive art exhibition entitled Zig Zag Zoo.

RSKG Events


Santa Snowy Art Booth - Berjaya Time Square (28th Nov - 28th Dec)


Shana Nina Kids RTM1 TV Programme - Shooting (14th Jan -17th Jan )

Mural for Kid's Room at Bkt Jelutong - (3rd - on going )

RSKG Art and Craft Products

Original Sketches Black and White
Paintings - various sizes - from 6" x 5" to 5' x 5 '
Handrawn T- shirts
Stone Art
Prints - postcards
Decorated wooden box

RSKG Art and Craft Programme

What do you learn ???

Level 1 Drawing - Human ,Animal, Objects , Scenery
Level 2 Craft - Paper, Recycled materials,Clay
Level 3 Commercial Art - Tshirt painting,Stone Art,Batik,Frame,

Rumah Seni Dan Kraf Gemilang ..History

I started my art and craft lesson from my apartment 2007.