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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Art for SPM

Get A for Art in your SPM (learn in 12 lessons)
Learn techniques and mixing colours,perspective etc
Fee : RM 90 /= Reg: RM50
Venue: Rumah seni dan Kraf Gemilang, Oakleaf Club Berhad, Bkt Antarabangsa.
Call: 012 3520292


Acryllic on Canvas , Zoo Animals Design, Size: 9" X 5 ", Price RM 80.00 (inclusive postage)
Bank in to Maybank 114254148944


Flower Pot, Size: 8" X 5", KL City Design Handrawn,RM50.00(inclusive postage)
Bank in to Maybank 114254148944


Fridge Magnet -Cat design- RM35.00 (including post),Bank in to Maybank 114254148944


Wooden Box ,8in X 4.5",Price RM 40.00 (including Post) Bank in to Maybank 114254148944


March - Opening of RSKG at Oakleaf Club Berhad -Auction to donate SPCA

April -Mural at RTK Rumah Titian KASIH Titiwangsa

June-Reproduction Work at a Hotel Ampang.

School Holidays Art - Animal in Me 4 days at RSKG

July-Private Teaching- Sketching still Life , an A Level Student at Aman Suria .

July-Cat Fest at Art Malaysia Jalan Ulu Pudu KL- July

July-Killeny Coffee at Shah Alam , art exhibition four lady artists.

July -20th , Femme City , KL Convention Centre - Abby to demo stone painting .


June 2010 , I was very excited abt the Cat Fest..well because i love cats. And I was doing 7 psc of cats and cats on charcoal . During the opening I did a demonstration cat on charcoal. It was funr!

Events at RSKG

A friend from Mauritius Island, Angel Angoh came to visit me. She was here for her own exhibition at Art Malaysia. We plan to do a collaboration Malaysia Mauritius art project for the underpriviliged children under animal theme. We are at planning stage and looking for sponsors to enable us move the project.