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Friday, April 11, 2014

After a month at KL City Gallery in Kuala Lumpur , Dataran Merdeka doing life drawings and paintings of Puteri Pakma(Princess Pakma) also some art activities with my art fans  , I am yet setting another art venture at a local University of Education in Tg Malim , an hour (64km) from Kuala Lumpur , northern peninsular Malaysia, This time its gonna be a bit different I guess. I will be meeting and sharing ideas, knowledge with the students from the University and local Secondary Schools.

Ten years of experiences in teaching art has given me wide knowledge on art and teaching art in particular. Curriculum which is theme based and concentrating on draw, coloring and crafting at my , bukit antarabangsa , has given me much idea and inspiration in my Puteri Pakma and Friends series.

From the Malay traditional theme, which mainly learning about draw , color , crafting :  Malay Tradisional House  and Keris (Malay weapon) , I have oncorporated these elements into the painting to create an interesting mitos like story .

Other character like the zoo animals such as giraffe , whale , hippopotamus, jelly fish, octopus , fish are injected to create interesting relation and global reaction .

Tapir close to  extinct species in Malaysia, had been chosen to help realize the importance to keep them alive by implementing biodiversity.

I  invite you to my journey of mitos land with the Princess Pakma and Prince Parawala and their friends who are the animals of the earth and let me know what you think of it.

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