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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 2013 Its after Eid Mubarak and I am at my gallery, Rumah Seni dan Kraf Gemilang. I am grateful to the AlMighty that I am given this opportunity to do what I love . Being here and achieving different experiences in Arts with the children and myself has turned me into a better person. Acknowledging myself as to my contributions in the art industry and education . I feel i have so much more to learn as I go through this process in life . I have always looked to the future in my life how RSKG will grow and make a difference to the society that I live in ...everyday is like an exciting lessons , experiences and its kind of a therapy too. As I look into my self ...I consider myself to be lucky to be granted this talent, skill, knowledge , and more . Family who are so supportive of what I do also plays major role in my life . Thank you to my most dear parent, my beautiful sisters , brothers . Importantly my three inspiring children, Asyraf , Yasmin and Kamelia , Thank you for understanding that there are things which I need to do in life that I had to sacrifice the time ....Sometimes we wish we could have it all ..but everyone need to choose whats the best for oneself. I always have that positive energy as to reflect to my children and that they can use this in their lives when i am no longer around. To my friends whose has been always there and be with me in my ups and downs.Its always fun to just explode and talk when i need to do so.And you guys have always been that lending ears... There's much more to do and can be done doesn't just stop here...whats next in my life is going to be BIG , STRONG and GREAT... ABBY ZAIN

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